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Battery Pack:

Drifter Life:




Drogue mid-depth:




GlobalStar Simplex

Every 5 minutes

6 Volts Alkaline

Up to 3 months

PHA biodegradable plastic

Magnetic switch activation

70cm tall x 38cm wide


38cm diameter taurus

4 Kg in air

3-part kit

CARTHE Drifter

CARTHE  Drifter

Small, low cost, biodegradable GPS Tracker buoys for Oceanography, Coast Guards, Oil, and Maritime industry


GreenWave LLC is the owner of the CARTHE drifter technology, a low cost, small, and biodegradable surface buoy used to track surface current (upper 60 cm) around the world’s oceans. The company also offers services to manage and analyze drifter data.


The Patented technology, developed by a team of physical oceanographers and engineers at the University of Miami, uses GPS and low orbiting satellite telemetry to accurately send it location every 5 minutes for up to three months. The CARTHE Drifter was rigorously tested in the laboratory and successfully used for oil spill research, coastal pollution tracking and physical oceanography with more than 1,600 units deployed from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean.

The CARTHE drifter comes in a three parts kit easily assembled and deployed from any size ship or even in coastal waters, rivers, or lakes.  Its size and weight is three time smaller than other surface drifters with yet the same ocean current following performance. Its main parts are injection molded with biodegradable PHA plastics which makes it the only mass produced environmentally friendly drifter on the market. Theses combined qualities allow for large scale deployments with a reduced impact on the environment.


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